We support and empower each other to moveTHRU grief.

moveTHRU connects anyone who has experienced the loss of a special person in their lives through exercise. Its grief support but instead of only talking about grief, we are also moving thru it.  Founder Emily Bingham started moveTHRU after her 32-year-old husband died of cancer in March 2019. As a spin and barre instructor and former ballerina, she turned to exercise to cope grief.

Drawing from principles of Acceptance & Commitment Theory and TEAR Model of Grief, Emily developed the moveTHRU Method – an 8-step sequence that combines intention with movement to help anyone grieving embrace the complicated feelings and emotions experienced during grief, and then use exercise to FEEL them! 

Whether we believe that we are capable of moving forward from tragedy or not, the mere act of exercising moves us. Our bodies physiologically change when we workout and no matter how devastated, how paralyzed, or how hopeless our circumstances might feel, our biochemistry has shifted! If you want to learn more about how movement helps us move forward from loss, click the video to your right.

We know what it’s like to feel stuck in grief. Here you will find the tools and community to keep moving!

Let's Move!

Learn how to get unstuck & embrace grief and create meaning & purpose as you MOVE forward from loss.

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