Let's moveTHRU Grief

Find support and empowerment to MOVE forward from loss.

When a loved one dies, our whole world stops. moveTHRU provides you with grief guidance, intention-based workouts and a community to keep you MOVING!

We feel you. Let’s moveTHRU grief together!

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Drop in your email and I’ll send you a 15-minute intention-based workout video to help you process your grief through exercise.  

Hi friend. I'm so glad you found this community. I started moveTHRU to help anyone who’s experienced a loss realize that we have a CHOICE when it comes to grief — to allow it to TRAP us or TRANSFORM us! With the understanding that YOU are your best authority on your grief, I'm here to support, empower and guide you on this journey of transformation. - Emily

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MOVE Forward from Loss

There is ultimately no right or wrong way to grieve. But with so much freedom, comes the potential for fear and intimation. If you are feeling lost, stuck, alone or powerless, here are some of the ways I can help.

Grief Guidance

Programs to support you wherever you are on your grief journey. A self-paced online course and 1:1 or group coaching with Emily.

Intention-Based Workouts

From barre, yoga, to HIIT and more, learn how to use movement to embody your emotions and cope with grief.

Guided Meditations

Instead of suppressing your feelings and emotions surrounding grief, we will embrace and moveTHRU them.

Weekly Check-In Calls

Join our weekly ZOOM calls to ask questions, review content and workout together LIVE.

Community Support

Join our private Facebook community to support and empower one another through grief.


Grief never really goes away, you'll have access to course content, downloadable guides & workouts, playlists and more ... for life.

What our members are saying...

“After my loss it felt hard to relate to others and express my feelings. Emily provides a safe environment to process and work through all the emotions that come from loss and grief with a community that understands. Plus its an amazing workout! I have never left a counseling session feeling that good!”

- Lindsey

"moveTHRU has given me a safe place to be myself, grieve my loss, connect with others, and move through the feelings. It has really opened my eyes to how grief manifests physically in the body."

- Gina

"My workout with moveTHRU was a really powerful experience. Having been through traditional conversational therapy to cope with my brother's passing, it was incredibly refreshing to sweat and work through those feelings without having to talk about it. I felt so empowered afterwards."

- Abby

"moveTHRU is the safe place that I've been looking for ever since I lost my first loved one. It is an environment that is welcoming to all emotions, to all types of people, and to all types of loss experiences. There was no "barrier to entry" or uncomfortable feeling upon joining, rather there was an immediate sense of inclusion and support from community members. After losing multiple loved ones in my life, it ironically feels "good" to have found others that understand the pain sadness and anger that resides with the journey of grief."

- Miki

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Use the "Work with Me" button to discover what type of support is right for you, or hit "Enroll Now" to learn about my online course. Feel free to sign-up for my mailing list to try an intention-based workout and other free content.

Who is this for?

This community is for anyone who has experienced a loss and wants to connect with others who understand. We welcome all types of people and all types of losses -- wherever you are on your grief journey. Whether your loss is new or it's been years since your loved one passed, this community is for you.

What can I expect inside the members area?

The members area offers access to our 8-week moveTHRU Grief online course. There are eight modules featuring content in the form of articles, 50+ videos, downloadable grief guides, and playlists. Aside from the content, we invite you into our private moveTHRU Grief Online Course Facebook Group (only for students taking the course) to engage in small-group intimate and honest conversations about what we're truly going through emotionally.

Let's Move!

Learn how to get unstuck & embrace grief and create meaning & purpose as you MOVE forward from loss.

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