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MOVE Forward from Loss Online Course

Move thru eight different emotions that come up in grief. My self-paced online course includes 50+ videos of intention & exercise to help get unstuck and embrace grief.


Growing THRU Grief

Find the motivation, support and accountability to MOVE forward from loss -- TOGETHER! Learn more about my 12-week signature program.


1:1 Grief Guidance

If you are feeling lost, unmotivated and not sure where to start on your grief journey, I can help. Learn about my 1:1 custom grief guidance program.


Workouts & Events

Face your grief as we meet face-to-face for LIVE online and in-person workouts and events.


Free Grief Group

Join my private grief group on Facebook for support, inspiration and tips from a community who really "gets it."


Hire Me

If you are looking for someone to host a private workshop, need a guest speaker for an event or podcast, let’s connect. Click the link and drop me an email, call or fill out the form.


Let's Move!

Learn how to get unstuck & embrace grief and create meaning & purpose as you MOVE forward from loss.

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