move THRU grief TOGETHER


Learn to cope & embrace grief and find meaning & purpose in tragedy with the support of a community who truly understands. 

Starts September 2021


Hello love. 

I’m so sorry for the loss that brought you here, but glad you found this community. Although you had no choice in your person’s death, you do have a choice in how you CHOOSE to move forward. 

You can allow grief to trap you — fighting your feelings and reality, which only adds suffering and pain to your hardship. Or, you can allow grief to transform you — flowing with your feelings and surrendering to your new normal, in attempts to seek the lessons and create meaning from your loss. 

 Grief is a journey. Not a destination.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve — no rule book or guide! Ultimately, YOU are your best authority on your loss and your journey. However, with so much freedom comes the potential for fear and uncertainty, which can lead to unnecessary added suffering.

I’m here to  help you transform your fear into power and gently guide you on this seemingly dark, overwhelming, and at times, impossible path moving forward. 

It won’t be easy. 

In fact, it might be painful and hard. But what I’ve learned over the course of two years since my husband died is that pain is a catalyst for transformation. 

Hard doesn’t have to mean bad. You can create whatever meaning we want from this experience — 

And I want to show you how! 

– Emily 

Grief can TRANSFORM us!
(If we allow it)

In the early stages of loss, you might feel lost, overwhelmed, unmotivated and unsure if you can survive. Sometimes you get trapped in this state of paralysis, believing that you are powerless over your circumstance and not capable of moving forward. 

And when you believe these thoughts, they can become your reality! You really do get stuck. (I’ve been there!) 

That’s why I created the moveTHRU method — an 8-step sequence that combines intention and movement to help you embrace grief, feel your feelings, and release them, so that you can have the freedom, clarity and power to move forward. 

Now moving forward  does NOT mean that you forget about your deceased person.  You can move forward AND still hold onto the memories and love for your person. Moving forward is about finding ways to honor your loss , seeking meaning in hardship ,and discovering renewed purpose in life.

Ever heard of post-traumatic growth? 

Yes, it’s a real thing — you can actually GROW in beautiful, profound ways from moving thru this seemingly impossible experience. While you can’t bring your person back and it feels like you’ve lost everything — it’s in this place of total loss and uncertainty that you have the freedom to create whatever you want! 

Here’s  a snapshot of what  you will gain from this group-guided journey: 


Understand why you feel the way you do and recognize the importance of openly feeling your feelings and processing your loss, to flow instead of fight your emotions. 


Grief needs to be witnessed. Your loss matters. Share your pain and your struggles with a community who “gets it” and truly understands. No judgements, just love and compassion. 


Explore effective coping mechanisms and strategies to make space for grief and release it so that you can operate in a calm, curious and connected state of being. 


Get access to the MOVE Forward from loss online course and learn how to use exercise as a powerful tool to break the negative thought cycle that can trap us in grief. 


Let go of society perceptions surrounding hardship, tragedy and struggle that only add to our suffering, and create your own meaning in loss. 


With a significant loss, comes the loss of shared dreams, future plans and our identity. Rediscover your sense of purpose by exploring what matters to you. 


Design a future that allows you to move forward from loss, yet honors your person’s legacy and your core values. 


Participants in the group guided journey will meet once a week (75 min sessions) over the course of 12-weeks. 

The sessions take place via ZOOM on Wednesdays from 6pm-7:15pm from September – November. 

In this intimate group setting we will:

💙 witness each other’s grief

💙 hold each other accountable

💙 provide motivation and loving support 

💙explore tools and topics outlined below! 

Once enrolled, participants also get access to my MOVE Forward from Loss Online Course, which we will reference and use to help us embrace grief over the 12-week timespan. 



The first four weeks are dedicated to creating safety & security in our space to foster connection and collaboration. We aren’t here to “fix” each other’s pain, but to witness it — to hold space, listen and provide gentle guidance as we navigate our losses together. We will also cover how to create support systems & boundaries for those who can’t support us, how to ask for help, and explore outlets to help process your loss. 


We will continue to check in on each other’s grief by  learning about our feelings and emotions as a natural response to loss. We will understand WHY we feel the way we do, debunk harmful grief myths, and use the Enneagram to explore our unique coping style — because grief looks different for everyone. There is no right or wrong!  Yet, with so much freedom comes room for self-judgement and fear. This month will help us approve of how we show up in grief and learn to TRUST OURSELVES (in grief and in life). 


Our final month together focuses on the tasks of adjusting to and accepting our new reality without our loved one. We will share tools and perform exercises around understanding your core values to help you define your identity and purpose in this “new normal”. We will also hold space for the complex dualities involved with  moving forward.  And with courage and imagination, we will begin to create a vision for your future that you might even be excited about. 


I developed my 12-Week Guided Group Journey outlined above, along with The moveTHRU METHOD (used in my online course), drawing from the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Theory, Positive Psychology, the TEAR Model of Grief, and grief coaching courses I’ve completed (The Institute for Life Coach Training and David Kessler’s Grief Educator Certification) , as well as my personal grief journey. 

 My goal is to support and empower anyone grieving by providing them with tips, tool, and guidance that helped me and  community who understands. 

Your Investment

I’m a firm believer that there is no right or wrong way to grieve and that everyone has their own personal path to healing. 

I also honor the truth that YOU are ultimately your best guide on grief

However, I know how hard it is to trust in our process, to eliminate the noise — all the “should’s” about grieving — , to create boundaries around people who can support you vs. prolong your suffering, and to feel empowered enough to do what you need to do in order to heal. 

It takes time. It takes trust. 

Sometimes it takes someone else who has walked the path before you to help you step into a place of empowerment to move forward. 

Grief is messy, unpredictable and constant. It’s a lifelong journey! 


But I’m here to provide you with the guidance, tools and loving support necessary to help you find your way.

The investment to join this 12-week Guided Grief Journey is:  

$1,197 USD

(Payment options of $399/month)

This is a small, intimate group setting and I am holding space for only 12 participants at a price of less than $100 per week. 

Get started by hitting the button below to complete a quick application! This is a brief questionnaire about your loss and your goals moving forward. Once I receive and review your application, I’ll reach out with an invitation to join our group!

Client Testimonials

Read or watch what graduates of my Guided Group Grief Journey had to say about their experience in my program. 

Yole Anna

“When I started Emily’s moveTHRU Group Grief Journey my husband had been gone for 7.5 months. I had a lot of anxiety about moving forward and a lot of guilt when I would go and do things, especially with family. Exhaustion was also a huge struggle. 

I joined the group because I knew that I was struggling and did not know how or what to do to even take a step forward with my life. Also, my sister encouraged me to join, even though I was extremely anxious sharing my story. 

The biggest breakthrough I had was when I was journaling / answering a question that Emily provided during a session and I wrote out what it meant for me to move forward. I had told myself that he would want me to be happy and move forward, but something about writing it out was so helpful in fully understanding and accepting what it meant for me — knowing it would honor him to move forward…even it was baby steps. I have reminded myself many times that moving forward does not mean moving on, and this has been HUGE in my grief journey. 

I also realized that most of my exhaustion came from not being able to process what I was feeling. This journey has taught me that it is okay to sit with my emotions and that moving my body in any form also helps process them (especially the sad/hurt ones). 

If I were to give advice to anyone thinking about joining this group I would say to TAKE THE LEAP! I am not a very open person, especially with discussing my feelings. Joining this group there was never any pressure to speak and share. However, the comfort of having others who share made it so easy to open and share when I felt like I could. Being surrounding by others in a time of so much hurt and heartache gave me a sense of normalcy.” 



A little more from our friends in moveTHRU community...


“After my loss it felt hard to relate to others and express my feelings. Emily provides a safe environment to process and work through all the emotions that come from loss and grief with a community that understands. Plus its an amazing workout! I have never left a counseling session feeling that good!”


“moveTHRU has given me a safe place to be myself, grieve my loss, connect with others, and move through the feelings. It has really opened my eyes to how grief manifests physically in the body.”


“My workout with moveTHRU was a really powerful experience. Having been through traditional conversational therapy to cope with my brother’s passing, it was incredibly refreshing to sweat and work through those feelings without having to talk about how I’m feeling. I felt so empowered afterwards.”


“moveTHRU is the safe place that I’ve been looking for ever since I lost my first loved one. It is an environment that is welcoming to all emotions, to all types of people, and to all types of loss experiences. There was no “barrier to entry” or uncomfortable feeling upon joining; instead there was an immediate sense of inclusion and support from the community members. After losing multiple loved ones in my life, it ironically feels “good” to have found others that understand the pain, sadness and anger that reside with the journey of grief.”


“moveTHRU helps you deal with grief in a healthy way. Grief comes with many different emotions and feelings and Emily has made specific workouts to address a lot of them. Her word, her exercises and her mission comes from the heart. “


Bonuses of moving THRU grief TOGETHER!

Along with learning tools and acquiring knowledge that will support your grief journey for life, I’d also like to invite you to participate in our community through a few key add-ons:

BONUS #1: Private Facebook Group

This is a dedicated group for moveTHRU members who have purchased the course and want the support and accountability of a community to keep moving forward from loss! In this group I will answer questions and address comments about content covered on our calls or anything that is coming up for you! We will check-in to hold each other accountable for completing course modules, validate each others feelings and emotions as we share in our collective loss, and celebrate breakthroughs in our grief. 

BONUS #2: Access to my Online Course

My MOVE Forward for Loss Online Course contains 50+ videos of meditations and workouts to help you embrace eight different emotions that come up during the grieving process. While we cover these modules in our Group Guided Journey, you will have access to these tools for life. 

In addition to the videos content, I also created downloadable PDF’s that  you can easily access as a quick guide to move THRU each emotion. If you feel an emotion coming up for you, instead of revisiting all of the content in the course, you can download these guides to quickly find: 

– Mindset mantras to help reframe difficult situations

– Key takeaways and reminders from the module

– Suggested workouts, moves or breathing exercises to embody & release specific feelings & emotions 

Think of this as your “Cliff Notes” to moveTHRU Grief!

Learn more about all that’s included my online course here

BONUS #3: Guest Speakers & Workshops

There will be three additional bonus sessions that feature a different guest speaker every month throughout our journey together. 

Stay tuned for the Fall 2021 lineup!  



75 min ZOOM calls every Wednesday at 6pm MST 

Calls start on September 1 


Yes! All sessions and support material will be added to a private G-drive where you can access the content at any time. However, attending sessions LIVE is highly encouraged to foster community & connection and to promote a deeper transformation. 


No. It takes substantial resources for me to create these safe spaces for healing and to ensure a supportive experience for everyone involved, so I unfortunately cannot offer refunds. This is a commitment to YOUR TRANSFORMATION and my hope is that your investment holds you accountable to yourself and others sharing in this space. 


Yes! I can create a customized package with a significant discount off my individual coaching rate. Together we will come up with a plan that best support you! 


Wondering if this journey is the right fit for you?​

Feel free to schedule a 30-min discovery call where we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions or concerns about my program. Just click the link below to schedule a time to connect. There is no pressure to commit on these calls! Just a chance to explore your goals moving forward and how this journey might assist you along the way. 

About Me​

I’m Emily. I’m a grief coach, fitness professional, mother of two, and widow as of March 2019 when my husband Ian passed away from Uveal Melanoma. I’ve found meaning in my loss by helping others heal. 

I’ve always found joy and value in movement, but after losing Ian, I found that moving my body was the only way to cope with my grief. 

Exercise was how I experienced my emotions and felt my feelings during the early stages of loss. While I felt trapped in my mind trying to name or understand my emotions, I experienced a sense of freedom with every burpee, a hint of courage with every rep of a heavy weight, and a glimmer of hope with every drop of sweat fleeing my body.

While fitness has helped me embrace grief, I’ve also made essential mindset shifts to radically re-conceptualize my life moving forward. I’ve had to let go of societal definitions of hardship and struggle; I’ve had to stop qualifying life experiences; and I’ve had to create my own meaning in loss. 

At the end of the day, it is what it is. But it will be what we make it! 

Losing Ian has proven to me that life really is a journey and his death — although tragic and life-consuming in the moment — is just one milestone. My sadness, my loneliness and my grief are not permanent. Feelings, human beings and human experiences are always in motion. Ian and I both understood that no matter what struggle life hands you, we have a choice — to remain trapped by tragedy or to moveTHRU and perhaps, even be TRANSFORMED (for the better)! 

I can’t wait to meet you! Connect with me by clicking the button below and we will see if working together supports your needs and desires at this time.